Joplin, MO

Cremation Options

Simple Cremations.

Ozark Memorial Park Crematory understands and specializes in assisting with the difficult decisions
that come with making arrangements for cremation in advance or assisting an at need family.

What choices are available in memorialization?

     •  in ground with memorial
     •  scattering garden
     •  niches
     •  memorial benches
     •  broad selection of permanent urns



A husband and wife can express their wishes to each other. This helps the heartache that one will feel.


Family burial estates and funeral merchandise can be selected by all family members.

price freezing

Crematory costs  are almost sure to increase, pre-need allows the cost to be locked in ahead of time.


Life insurance proceeds can be used by the family to help adjust to the loss of income that a death causes.


Budgeted payments can be made out of current income, instead of on a cash basis or out of insurance proceeds.

peace of mind

Because decisions are made together, there will be no wondering, “Did I do the right thing?”


We offer a variety of options that will best fit your needs. We pride ourselves in caring for you.


Choosing the perfect memorial can be overwhelming, but we’re here to make it easy.